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Thank you for visiting Gerhard's Embroidery. Stop back periodically to view changes and new product listings. Once again, thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon. 
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Many of our customers have asked:

1. What is the easiest way to contact Gerhard's Embroidery?
You can reach Gerhard's Embroidery using the Order Information page available on this site. Simply type in your information, describe your embroidery need, and click submit. You can also reach Gerhard's Embroidery by fax (610-944-1315), telephone (610-944-0177), or email ( 

2. What are the steps involved to produce an embroidered product?
Gerhard's Embroidery will help you through the process. You can chose a design from our library of over 25,000 custom images, or, create your own through digitizing technology which converts a design to a stitched pattern. Next, Gerhard's Embroidery will help you chose the type of garment to boast your stitched work.

3. What are the costs associated with embroidery?
First, the cost of the initial design. Stock embroidery designs can be less expensive then digitized images or Logos. If your company or organization has a Logo, we will have the image converted to a stitched pattern, however additional expenses will incur. Cost of images generally involves the amount of stitches in the design. For example, a Logo that contains 3000 stitches to produce can be less costly then a Logo which requires 9,000 stitches. Second, the cost of the garments. Gerhard's Embroidery works with many suppliers to ensure you get the highest quality, at the best price. 

4. Why embroidery?
Embroidery becomes a part of the garment. Various stitch patterns and lengths provide texture and depth to the artwork. 

5. What are some of the references of Gerhard's Embroidery?
Gerhard's Embroidery has served thousands of customers, worldwide. Corporate clients, Fraternal organizations, sports teams, community groups, contractors, all have enjoyed the service and quality provided from Gerhard's Embroidery. You can receive more information by following the steps to "contact Gerhard's Embroidery". 

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Gerhard's Embroidery
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