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Gerhard's Embroidery


JacketProductPage.jpg (11692 bytes)Gerhard's Embroidery utilizes a wide range of suppliers. Brand name's ensure you find the quality, comfort, and style you seek. Whether you are searching for spring wind breakers for your softball league, or quilt-lined jackets for your motorcycle club, we can match your needs. Embroidered designs can be placed on the fronts and backs of most jacket styles. 


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Long sleeved shirts, short sleeved golf shirts, T-shirts, dress shirts, and denim shirts have made the most common palettes for Gerhard's Embroidery designs. You will find our craftsman stitch work decorating the uniforms of Shrine Parade Leaders, professional golfers, and corporate executives across the United States and World. Once again, our full spectrum of quality suppliers guarantees you find the right style and comfort to boast your embroidered artwork.



Our most common hat designs are the special ordered, hand-made, Pyramid hats of the Tall Cedars Affiliation. Custom felts and decorative tassels are stitched and embroidered to PyramidsProductpage.jpg (11325 bytes)create the high quality, durable, uniforms worn in Parades and Forests throughout the United States. Feel free to click on the thumbnail shown to see a larger representation of our craftsmanship. Baseball caps are often a common request for embroidered stitch work, but we must note, orders of baseball style caps must be in quantities of 6 dozen or larger.


The above are only a small representation of the types of products and services you will receive from Gerhard's Embroidery. In addition, we have produced stitched patterns for banners, athletic carry bags, flags, and hat rims. 

If you have a personal design already chosen, Gerhard's Embroidery will make your image come to life through digitized imaging produced from conventional or digital photography, sketches, or computer design. You may decide to browse our collection of over 25,000 stock images. No matter what you choose, you will find your satisfaction our highest priority.

Please visit our Online Order Form, or contact Gerhard's Embroidery via the information listed on the bottom of each page.

Home Products Order Information News and Links Fraternal Organizations Shirts Jackets

Gerhard's Embroidery
22 Bick Road
Fleetwood, PA. 19522
Phone: (610) 987-0375
Cell: 610-656-4811